Art with Heart

Win a unique piece of art for your home or office! Our much-loved Art with Heart raffle offers you the chance to win one of 10 artworks generously donated by renowned artists. With only 500 tickets available the odds are excellent!



Art with Heart Prizes  |  10 chances to win


Leadlight Garden Sculpture

Old hardwood and leaded glass garden sculpture by Adrienne McVerry

Banksia Integrifolia Oil Painting

Oil on Linen Painting 300H x 300W  by Judith Sinnamon. Represented by
Edwina Corlett Gallery

Testing Water Woodcut on Kozo Paper

Print 670H x 900W by Michael Schlitz represented by Bett Gallery

Translucent Porcelain Bowl

Large Porcelain Salad Bowl Translucent Porcelain w’ Sgraffitto Decoration 100H x 280W Diam by Peter Harris

Camouflaged Temple, Treasures Within

Mid-fire clay sculpture (underglaze colour decoration), 310H x 240W by Sam Keane

Flowers Will Cheer You Up

Painting 800H x 650W by Sherrie Rowan

Meow, Clay Sculpture

Clay Sculpture 400H x 350W x 150D by Valerie Willy

The Links In Our Life

95cm Handmade Stirling Silver Necklace by Wendy Boraso

Robots Rule, Right?

Rustic Metal Sculpture, 900H x 400W x 200D by Phil Willy

Hand Carved Silky Oak Platter

Large Silky Oak Timber Platter 880L x 200W by Peter Watts

Winners drawn at 3.15pm Sunday 6 October 2019 in Prospectors Hall.


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